Website Design Prices

My professional website  design prices are affordable, even for the budget minded. Some clients are surprised that I can do so much with a limited budget. I don’t have a price list because every project is different and the “five pages and a contact form” approach isn’t fair to you. Here are some ideas to help you determine what my website design prices are for your project.

The Sweat Equity Plan – Website Design Price $249.00

Let’s say you’re quick learner and great at typing in the text, but you need someone to setup an attractive dynamic website for you using WordPress.

I’ll start by setting up your domain and your web hosting on my server or your domain hosting account. I’ll install WordPress for you on your account, not I’ll provide at my expense, any of the Studio Press themes, customize the layout with your colors and logo, and then let you enter your pages using the WordPress dashboard. Once you have your pages complete, I will come back and layout your homepage.

A Turn Key Website – Website Design Price $499.00

I’ll do everything mentioned in the Sweat Equity plan, but I’ll also create your pages with text and optimize your site for search; I’ll do the SEO.

IDX Broker for Realtors – Website Design Price $1099.00

Add IDX broker to your website. You will first need an account with IDX Broker. Sometimes that can take a few days to a week to get setup. You will also need to make me your Designer at You will enter my information on the account management tab of your IDX Broker dashboard. We will first design your site then integrate your listings using data from IDX Broker.

Updates and Facelifts – $25.00/hour

When we enter the realm of the unknown, like change this and that but wait I don’t like that after all, let’s do this instead… I like to work by the hour. While I don’t publish a website price, I’ll be glad to give you an estimate as to my time or a firm bid if you prefer.

SEO – Optimize an Existing Site – $10.00/page

When I review your site, I will optimize your page titles, page meta descriptions, and do light editing to emphasize appropriate keyword count.

SEO Copywriting – $25.00/page

I will write SEO optimized content for your site after consulting with you and determining your SEO goals. There are no magic tricks for SEO. The best approach is good content and lots of it.

Paid Blogging – $15 – $25.00/post

If you need a blog for your business, but just don’t have time then I will blog for you while creating search optimized content. My time is limited but I will do my best to work in your requirements.