Professional Websites by Mike

Professional websites normally require some degree of customization and that is usually the problem when using online programs or templates to create a web site. They work up to a point, then fall short.

The other problem frequently encountered is knowledge and experience. You know what you want, but just can’t quite get there. You, your neighbor, or friend might know exactly needs to be done, but haven’t had the experience to understand how to to do it.

Professional websites most often require a professional webmaster, even with all the online tools, scripts, and templates available today. When planning your site you want to plan for it to be professional.


What function will your website serve? Perhaps it’s a way for you to advertise your business or actually sell a product or service online. It may be a personal site to share your experience through words, photos, and video with family and friends. If your web site doesn’t function properly, then it’s not a professional website.


Sometimes it’s easy to get the words right, but getting the words, pictures, videos, and logos in all the right places can be difficult. That’s another reason why you should consider a professional webmaster.

Standards Compliant

Internet standards evolve over time. Professional websites are coded properly using current HTML, XML, and CSS standards.

SEO Compliant

In order for your website to be professional, it needs to be search engine optimized. That requires the use of proper page titles, page descriptions, keywords, and content that is not only interesting to your web visitors but also search engine ready.