E and K Tax Service

Another Website by Mike

EK Tax Service is a WordPress site built on the Genesis framework from Studio Press. The site provides information about the about the services offered by an Income Tax Preparation business. This is a budget site that is updated prior to each Income Tax Season.

Home Staging Coaches in Twin Cities, MN

Home Staging and Room Makeovers in the Twin Cities

When Christi Bond contacted me about helping her create a WordPress site for her Home Staging business I didn’t know anything about home staging. Since that time I’ve learned allot. Christi provides home staging, home staging consultations, and room makeovers in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota.

Christi’s WordPress site contains both pages and blog posts. Many people who know a bit about WordPress think of it as blogging software, which it is. However, with the latest evolution of WordPress, it is much more. It is a complete website platform making it economical to have a full featured website that is also easy to update and maintain. We used a Studio Press theme based on the Genesis framework with the WordPress platform and finished her home staging website in just a couple weeks. And…it didn’t take Christi anytime to begin blogging with the easy authoring interface.

It’s important to note that the Home Staging Coaches is a Minneapolis St. Paul business and I work in Round Rock, TX. You might find it strange that I work long distance. It’s really not unusual at all as webmasters frequently work with clients far away.  So no matter where you are located, contact me if I can help you with your WordPress site.