WordPress Websites

Maybe you have heard of WordPress. It’s not only the worlds leading blogging software but also a great CMS or content management system. Think of WordPress as a software tool that makes it easier to create highly functional, attractive, easy to use and secure website.

  • WordPress uses themes to create the look and feel of your website
  • WordPress use plugins to provide custom functionality for your website
  • WordPress is used by millions of blogs and websites all over the world
  • WordPress is supported by thousands of freelance programmers and developers
  • WordPress is secure and stable
  • WordPress is free to use (some add-ons like themes or plugins are sold commercially)

There are two fundamental ways we can build your website. We can build your web site so that every page is static with the text hard coded to a file one page at a time. That’s normally referred to as a static website. ¬†Another way to build a website is with dynamic pages where the information is stored in a database online and the pages are created by extracting information from the database and then displaying the information on the page. With the relatively new and feature packed release of WordPress 3 and the popularity of CMS based sites, the trend is toward more dynamic sites.

By using dynamic web pages, we only have to layout the page once or twice and only have to store the information once. An example would be the header and footer information on your site. Normally it remains the same on every page. We can enter that information in the database once and display on every existing page and on every new page you create.

WordPress is a website platform that uses a MySql database to store your site information and page text and then generates your web pages (or blog posts) dynamically. It is my platform of choice for building websites. Other notable CMS systems you might have heard about are Drupal and Joomla, however I do not create site using either of these platforms.